Vessels for every application

Here is just a sample of small and large vessels Seatamer has built for Government and individuals over the last 5 years.

Marine Rescue

Based on the proven Seacat design this 6m / 2.5m beam Seacat doesn't get to choose what conditions it goes out in. The custom design is used for rescue and training. 

NSW Dept of Industry

Based on a 6.4m Eliminator hull with a 2.5m beam, in 2C survey. This research vessel has a custom cabin, deck space and transom to support its research capability. 

Big Fish

This custom charter vessel is a 7.1m Elimintor 2.6m beam, in 2C survey. 

NSW Police

Ready to support inland communities this Police patrol and support vessel is based on the Rampage hull at 6m and 2.5m beam this vessel is in 2C survey.  This customized dash and storage caters for the additional requirements to support communications, rescue and policing equipment.  

Little Fish

Based on the Triton Hull this 5m 2.2 beam boat was design and built to fit into the customers garage. The windscreen on the Cuddy cabin and targa bar is hinged to reduce the overall height on the trailer. 

NSW Rural Fire Service

10m quick response vessel. This Fire Barge, equipped with on deck fire pump is fully equipped for 12 personnel to attack house and boat fires as well as bush fires around the Hawkesbury Region.